USANA CopaPrime+

USANA CopaPrime+

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Cognitive supplement formulated to support normal mental performance and healthy brain activity

The USANA Difference
Powered by USANA InCelligence Technology and created with a dual approach to cognitive support. USANA CopaPrime+ supports normal mental performance such as focus, alertness, memory performance, and learning processes, as well as brain health and healthy activity. This powerful formula utilizes naturally derived ingredients—coffee fruit extract, bacopa monnieri, and American ginseng—clinically shown to optimize cognitive function while providing mood support and helping combat oxidative stress.

Health Benefits

  • Supports normal neural pathways
  • Helps maintain brain health for optimal cognitive function activity
  • Supports mental performance for focus, information processing, reaction times, memory function, and learning
  • Assists normal mood response
  • Provides antioxidant support

*This Copaprime+ is not a drug and should not be used as drug to any illness.